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Exodus of Scottish landlords forecast amid Government clampdowns

22nd May 2016

As you may have read in the trade press today, Citylets recently conducted a Landlord survey into key components of the current Scottish Government consultation and their likely impact on supply to the sector.

Principally we looked at sentiment towards the removal of ‘no fault’ grounds for repossession and the possibility of rent controls in ‘rent pressure’ areas.

The key findings make for compelling reading:

31% likely to leave or reduce their portfolios due to no fault removal

39% likely to leave or reduce their portfolios upon introduction of rent controls

31% described the list of proposed grounds for repossession as inadequate or highly inadequate

73% felt vilified by policymakers

On any view these percentages are high though will possibly be tempered over time as sentiment cools. Indeed we are optimistic that these would represent the very worst case figures if it is agreed that those most likely to participate in such surveys are those motivated through discontent.

However it seems clear that the issue of landlord exodus needs urgent further research conducted by policymakers given the mantra offered in relation to having no desire to see appetite for investment reduced or supply constricted.

It was of course disappointing to hear of the removal of ‘no fault’ grounds despite clear objection from the industry. However we hope you are keen to share our desire to put into focus the apparent end result of this consultation process and the impact it could have on supply.

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