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Ending Your Tenancy

When does your tenancy end?

The notice period on your tenancy is between 40 & 60 days depending on what your lease says. Even if you want to end the tenancy at the initial tenancy end date, you must give us the required notice, usually at least 60 days written notice before this date.

For example: if your tenancy starts on 1 January and has an initial end date of 30 June. In order to end the tenancy at 30 June, you must give us written notice at least 60 days before this date – that is before 30 June.

If you have a short assured tenancy your tenancy agreement will state how long you will be renting the property. At the end of that time, your tenancy will automatically renew itself unless:

  • your landlord gives you written notice that they want you to leave the property;
  • you give your landlord written notice that you want to leave at the end of the fixed term; or
  • your tenancy agreement states what will happen at the end of the initial fixed term.

If you want to leave…

If you have a short assured tenancy it is important to consider the following:

Ending the tenancy at the end of the fixed term… if you want to leave when the fixed term ends, you should give your landlord written notice. Your tenancy agreement should state how much notice you need to give.

Ending the tenancy before the fixed term ends… your tenancy agreement should say whether or not you can end your tenancy before the fixed term ends, and how much notice you need to give. If your tenancy agreement does not mention this, you may find your landlord can still charge you rent until the fixed term ends, even if you need to move out before this.

When your landlord wants you to leave…

If you have a short assured tenancy your landlord can give you notice in writing at least two months before the end of the initial fixed term or at any time afterwards that they want possession of the property. They can serve notices during the tenancy to coincide with the agreed termination date. If you do not vacate the property at this time, your landlord can start legal action against you.

To gain possession at the end of a short assured tenancy, your landlord must serve you with a written Notice to Quit and either a Section 33 Notice or an AT6 Notice depending on why they want you to leave.

These forms can be viewed at www.scotland.gov.uk/tenant/info/forms

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