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Landlord Nightmares – Tenant Evictions

3rd June 2016

What to do when things go wrong & tenants cause problems!

I’m writing this while sitting in court, waiting for my case to call. Here’s the situation.

The landlord came to me in tears. They gave their property to a tenant; after a month the tenant stopped paying. After 4 months of promises by the tenant the landlord came to me & asked me to get involved.
First we look at all the lease documents, was the tenancy set up correctly or were documents missing. This determines the route we take.
Then we meet with the tenants to hear their side of the story… there are always two sides.

Evicting a tenant is no small task under Scottish law. You’ve got to get the wording & dates in the eviction documents correct, then you need to follow a specific process of serving documents by sheriff officers within given timeframes. It’s quite easy to get things wrong, if that happens you need to start the process from the beginning.
The whole process can take a number of months, so be prepared for the wheels of justice to turn very slowly.

If you want more information on this process or would like Pure Property Management to deal with a problematic tenant or situation, then get in touch and we can help manage the situation.

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